The International Journal of Paleopathology (IJPP) carves out a dedicated academic space for interdisciplinary communication, collaboration and cutting-edge research in the investigation of diseases from skeletal and soft-tissue remains. Edited by renowned bioarchaeologist Dr. Jane Buikstra, IJPP is the designated journal of the Paleopathology Association. In addition to publishing significant scholarship on paleopathology, it invites exploration of the ways in which methods of studying physical remains can be applied to the reconstruction of health, disease and life histories in the past.

Reports in Digital Archaeology, produced by Digital Antiquity (DA), is a series devoted to issues related to archaeological information, including research and practice in digital archiving of archaeological materials; policy and other challenges facing the preservation of archaeological results, advanced uses of the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR), research projects funded by the DA-tDAR Grants Program; and major data accessions or partnerships.