Consortium for Biosocial Complex Systems

The Consortium for Biosocial Complex Systems at ASU falls under the umbrella of the university's Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative. Overseen by Sander van der Leeuw – a pioneer in the application of the complex adaptive systems approach to socio-environmental challenges – the consortium brings together three research units of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Through the integrated efforts of the researchers at the Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, the Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity and the Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center, the consortium is tasked with generating fresh insight into global challenges and transforming their findings into real-life applications that improve the human condition.

Late Lessons from Early History

The Late Lessons from Early History program sponsors a lecture series that exemplifies the intellectual fusion movement. Featuring some of the world's most respected researchers in a diversity of fields, the Late Lessons from Early History speaker series addresses the human condition from historical, ecological, political and a variety of other disciplinary vantage points.

Obesity Solutions

Obesity Solutions is a joint effort with the Mayo Clinic to identify evidence-based strategies that work for real people in the real world. As medicine and public health struggle with obesity, we need transdisciplinary innovations in how we understand and treat this major global challenge.