Director: Alexandra Brewis Slade

Associate Director: Ed Hackett

Associate Director: Keith Kintigh 

Associate Director: Kelly Knudson

Administrative Assistant Director: Melissa Birling

Center, Museum and Institute Leadership

Archaeological Research Institute: Arleyn Simon

Center for Bioarchaeological Research: Jane Buikstra

Center for Digital Antiquity: Frank McManamon

Center for Global Health: Gerardo Chowell-Puente

Center for the Study of Institutional Diversity: Marco Janssen

Deer Valley Rock Art Center: Richard Toon

Institute of Human Origins: William Kimbel

Museum of Anthropology: Richard Toon

Teotihuacan Research Laboratory: Saburo Sugiyama

Other Leadership Staff

Assistant to the Director: Melissa Birling

Business Manager, Sr.: Philomena Wong Bell

Director of Student and Academic Services: Alissa Ruth 

Office Manager: Chelle Brookes

Research Advancement: Robyn Merchant

Selected Faculty committee leadership

Director of Graduate Studies: Kaye Reed

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Hjorleifur Jonsson

Faculty Personnel Committee Chair: Sharon Harlan

Research: Pending

Colloquia: David Schaefer

Approach and degree program heads

Archaeology: Michelle Hegmon

Bioarchaeology: Brenda Baker

Global Health: Megan Jehn

Environment, Technology and Society: Bob Bolin 

Evolutionary Anthropology:  Anne Stone

Sociocultural Anthropology: Amber Wutich