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main office services and course scheduling
Chelle Brookes  
Lenora Ott

graduate studies and graduate school applications
Georgianna Miller

undergraduate studies and advising
Stefanie Bobar 
Anika Hutchinson

study abroad, field schools and global internships
Please see either of our undergraduate advisors or e-mail Undergraduate Inquiries.

budget and financial services
Philomena Wong Bell

research advancement services
Robyn Merchant

website, news and features editing
Rebecca Howe

School-level administration to contact if the professional staff above are unable to assist you:

director and president's professor
Alexandra Brewis Slade
To schedule an appointment, contact the front office: 480-965-6215.

associate director and professor
Keith Kintigh

associate director and professor
Ed Hackett

associate director and associate professor
Kelly Knudson

administrative assistant director
Melissa Birling

director of academic and student services
Alissa Ruth