The School of Human Evolution and Social Change occupies nearly 78,000 square feet, centered around its stunning historic headquarters at 900 Cady Mall, on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. We are also responsible for a public nature preserve, museum and archaeological site at the Deer Valley Rock Art Center, and oversee field sites around the globe, including the only American university’s research lab at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

To find faculty and staff and their office hours, it is best to check our People pages, but to locate an office, research lab or center, student computing area or conference room, you’ve landed on the right page. Our buildings are listed here in alphabetical order after the description of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change Building, which we occupy fully, except for a mediated university classroom on the third floor.

Note: Matthews Hall does not have an elevator, so accordingly, we do not schedule faculty or graduate student office hours on the second floor.

School of Human Evolution and Social Change Building
Community Services Building
  • Faculty and student offices, research labs and collaborative space
  • Curation space for a subset of our archaeological collections

Visitors requiring access to collections, please contact Arleyn Simon.

Cowden Hall

Faculty inquiring about course or research use, please contact Jennifer Fraser.

Deer Valley Rock Art Center
  • Managed by the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, the Hedgpeth Hills site includes more than 1,500 Hohokam, Patayan and Archaic petroglyphs on a 47-acre nature preserve
  • Research lab for rock art studies worldwide and repository for the American Rock Art Research Association library, collections and archives (viewing by appointment only)
  • Daily admission fee for the public; closed Mondays
  • Student internships, public membership and volunteer opportunities
  • Outdoor amphitheater, accessible trail, events for all ages, facility rentals available
  • Phoenix Point of Pride and voted Best Museum in Phoenix 2008 and 2009 by Nickelodeon
Hayden Library
Interdisciplinary Building B
  • Offices for our faculty associated with the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes and the Center for Nanotechnology in Society
Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building 1
  • Offices, conference and event space for our faculty and students associated with the Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity
Lattie F. Coor Hall
  • Faculty, postdoctoral research associate and graduate student offices
Life Sciences Building: A, C + E Wings
  • Wet labs for physical anthropology faculty and students
  • Anatomy lab
Matthews Center
  • Faculty, postdoctoral research associate and graduate student offices and dry labs
  • Teaching assistant offices for office hours
  • Archaeological and physical anthropology collections
  • Collaborative, open space for all School of Human Evolution and Social Change faculty and students
Matthews Hall
Physical Sciences Building: A + C Wings
  • Offices, lab and conference space for faculty, staff and students associated with the Mathematical, Computational & Modeling Sciences Center and our applied mathematics for the life and social sciences degree programs
Social Sciences Building

Reception area for all visitors is Room 103

  • Institute of Human Origins (tours available upon request)
  • Faculty and student offices and research space
  • Library, classroom, administrative offices
Tempe Center
  • Archaeological Research Institute (follow the signs to the public reception area)
  • Research faculty, staff and student offices, workstations, curation and research space
  • Southwest archaeological collections and ceramic reference collections
Teotihuacan Research Laboratory

Contact Oralia Cabrera

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site, 25 miles northeast of Mexico City
  • Active research lab, field and data analysis of this ancient city
  • Curated archaeological collections
  • Offices, vehicles and lodging for staff, students and international scholars and collaborators
West Hall
Wrigley Hall
  • Offices for our faculty associated with the School of Sustainability