About Us

The School of Human Evolution and Social Change is known globally as an exemplar of the new models for transdisciplinary social science, combining rigorous, cutting-edge collaborative research that directly addresses the most fundamental human problems.

Our school was founded in 2005, drawing for its core from ASU’s top-ranked four-field anthropology department to meet the challenge of the vision for the New American University.

True to our anthropological origins, we remain committed to leveraging a long-term, comparative and holistic perspective on human origins and diversity as a way to understand and address complex human problems.

Today our school remains recognized for leading programs in such traditional areas of anthropology as paleoanthropology, evolutionary anthropology, archaeology, bioarchaeology and medical anthropology.

But we are also now known for ground-breaking scholarship in such allied areas as mathematical epidemiology, institutional analysis, science and technology studies, global health and environmental studies.

Over the last decade our faculty has grown to include the allied skills and perspectives of a wider array of leading social scientists, including political scientists, geographers, computer scientists, mathematicians, epidemiologists and sociologists.

In this diversity of world-class talent, we are proud of our ability to collaborate in highly productive efforts, leveraging an array of approaches from the most scientific to the most humanistic.

This intellectual expansion and synergy provides an improved means to address the most complex societal and policy-making challenges, such as:

  • How can we best recognize and respond to emerging disease threats?
  • How we allocate natural resources to promote social stability, sustainability and well-being?
  • How does the long-term trajectory of our evolution predict challenges ahead for our species?

Our integrated approach to use-inspired research creates a dynamic environment for student training and a focus on how we can serve communities – academic and public – with outstanding scholarship about what it means to be human in the complex, globalized and rapidly changing 21st century.

Our degree programs are both disciplinary – including our core in anthropology – and transdisciplinary – responding to the new career opportunities presented to tomorrow’s graduates.

We have a wealth of resources to support excellent and innovative student training in our many degree programs, including eight research centers and institutes; a museum; more than 40 fully equipped research laboratories; and dozens of field schools, field stations, and study abroad programs spanning the globe.

We also hold hundreds of curated research collections.

Our approach to graduate and undergraduate student training is as collaborative as our approach to research, and also emphasizes the importance of clever and creative use of new technology to advance our mission.

The School of Human Evolution and Social Change is a supportive, dynamic, rigorous, vibrant, entrepreneurial and collegial intellectual community committed to outstanding transdisciplinary scholarship that makes a difference. We invite you to join the adventure.