Graduate Students



Chloe Atwater
Research Interests: Behavioral Ecology, Human-Environmental Interactions, Paleoanthropology, Hunter-Gatherers, Ethnoarchaeology, Agent-Based Modeling, Complex Systems, STEM Outreach and Education
Committee: Curtis Marean (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Davis
Sean Bergin
Research Interests: European Archaeology, Neolithic Archaeology, Forager Farmer Interaction, Spatial Technologies, Agent Based Modeling, Computer Applications in Archaeology, Lithic Analysis
Committee: C. Michael Barton (Chair), Marco Janssen, Anick Coudart
Undergraduate Institution: University of Notre Dame
Chris Caseldine
Research Interests: Large-Scale Irrigation Systems, Social Processes Governing Water Management and Use, Agricultural Practices and Human Impact on the Environment, Social and Environmental Factors Impacting the Functioning of Trade Networks, the U.S. Southwest, Hohokam
Committee: David Abbott (Chair), Jerry Howard (Arizona Museum of Natural History), J. Marty Anderies, Abigail York, Arleyn Simon
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Wendy Cegielski
Research Interests: GIS, Spatial Analysis, Social Network Analysis, Geophysical Prospection in Archaeology, Landscape Archaeology, Settlement Pattern Studies, Cultural Contact, "Shatter Zone," Ethnogenesis, Cultural/Ethnic Identity Studies, Bronze and Iron Age Europe, Ancient Near East, Southeastern American Indians, Paleoclimatological Modeling
Committee: C. Michael Barton (Chair), Keith Kintigh, Anick Coudart, Joan Bernabeu-Auban (University of Valencia)
Undergraduate Institution: Morehead State University; Other Graduate Institutions: University of Kentucky (M.A., International Organization and Development), University of Mississippi (M.A., Anthropology)
Rudolf Cesaretti
Research Interests: Political Economy and Institutions, Ancient Mesoamerica, Productive Systems and Demography, Urbanism and Urbanization, the Dynamics of Early Complex Polities, Comparative Methodology, Archaeological Epistemology and Middle Range Theory, Social Theory, Archaeological Ontology, Systems Theory (Nonlinear Dynamical, Complex, Adaptive, Socio-Ecological), GIS, Agent Based and Dynamical Systems Modeling
Undergraduate Institution: Truman State University 
Adrian Chase
AAGS Archaeology Approach Representative
Research Interests: Mesoamerica, GIS, Landscape Archaeology, Modeling, Maya Water Management
Committee: Michael Smith, Ben Nelson, Abigail York
Undergraduate Institution: Harvard College
Walter Crist
Committee: Hjorleifur Jonsson (Co-Chair), Nancy Serwint (Co-Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York, Albany
Elisabeth Culley
Committee: Geoffrey Clark (Chair), Curtis Marean, C. Michael Barton
Undergraduate Institution: University of Colorado; Other Graduate Institution: Northern Arizona University (Anthropology)
Timothy Dennehy 
Research Interests: Prehistoric Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherer Societies in Mesoamerica and U.S. Southeast, Comparative Analysis of Urban Form and Service Provision, Social Inequality, Complex Adaptive Systems, Cultural Evolution
Undergraduate Institution: University of Virginia (Psychology); Other Graduate Institution: City University of New York (Anthropology)
Krista Eschbach
Research Interests: Historical Archaeology of the Southeastern United States and Veracruz, Mexico; Culture Contact; Identity Formation and Ethnogenesis
Committee: Barbara Stark (Chair), Michael Smith, Michelle Hegmon, John E. Worth (University of West Florida), Rani Alexander (New Mexico State University)
Undergraduate Institution: University of West Florida
Mechell Frazier
Research Interests: Southwestern Archaeology, Mesoamerican-Southwest Connections, Exchange, Hohokam
Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
Nicolas Gauthier
Research Interests: Geoarchaeology, Human Ecology, Complexity in Social-Ecological Systems, Land Use and Landscape Change, Cultural Evolution, Anatolian Archaeology, Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age
Committee:  C. Michael Barton (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Boston University
Claudine Gravel-Miguel
Research Interests: Upper Paleolithic, Western Europe, Social Networks, Portable Art, Ornaments, GIS
Committee Members: C. Michael Barton (Chair), Anick CoudartGeoffrey Clark
Undergraduate Institution: McGill University; Other Graduate Institution: University of Victoria
Jacob Harris
Angela Huster
Research Interests: Mesoamerica (Particularly Central Mexico), GIS, Craft Specialization, Maguey Utilization, Imperial Incorporation 
Committee: Michael Smith (Chair), Katherine Spielmann, Barbara Stark
Undergraduate Institution: University of Oregon
April Kamp-Whittaker
Research Interests: Children and Minorities in the Archaeological Record, Historic Archaeology, Ceramics, Geospatial Technology, U.S. West and Southwest
Other Graduate Institution: University of Denver
Loni Kantor 
Research Interests: Mesoamerica, Landscapes, Material Culture, Linguistics, Indigenous Languages (Huichol, Nahuatl)
Committee: Ben Nelson (Chair), Michelle Hegmon, Gwyneira Isaac
Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York, Potsdam
Sarah Klassen         
Research Interests: Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Common Pool Resource Management, Water Management, Hydrology Modeling, Resilience, Archaeology of Southeast Asia, Angkor
Committee: Ben Nelson (Chair), C. Michael BartonMichael Smith
Undergraduate Institution: Dartmouth College 
Julie Novic
Research Interests: Mesoamerican Archaeology (Aztec and Maya), Toluca Valley and Coastal Tabasco, Residential/Housing Archaeology, Economics (Consumption), GIS, Trade Routes, Identity, Space and Spatial Relations, Anthropological Theory, Epigraphy
Committee: Michael Smith (Chair), Barbara StarkMichelle Hegmon
Undergraduate Institution: Kenyon College; Other Graduate Institution: State University of New York, Albany
Sarah Oas
AAGS Co-Treasurer
Research Interests: Ethnography, Ethnoarchaeology, Paleoethnobotany, U.S. Southwest, West and East Africa
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan; Other Graduate Institution: Simon Fraser University
Simen Oestmo
Research Interests: Middle Stone Age (MSA) in Africa; Origins of Modern Human Behavior During the Middle to Late Pleistocene; Hunter-Gatherer Ecology: Landscape Use; Stone Tool Technology: Raw Material Selection; Experimental Archaeology; Ancient Use of Fire: Lithic Heat-Treatment and Fire Modified Rock; Geoarchaeology; Quaternary Paleosols; Geomorphology
Committee: Curtis Marean (Chair), C. Michael BartonKim HillMarco Janssen, Todd A. Surovell (University of Wyoming)
Undergraduate Institution: University of Tromso
Michael Frederick O'Hara
Committee: Michelle Hegmon (Chair), Barbara StarkKeith Kintigh
Undergraduate Institution: Pomona College; Other Graduate Institutions: Northern Arizona University (M.A., Anthropology), University of Arizona (M.A., Library and Information Science)
Jonathan Paige
Research Interests: Organizations of Lithic Technology, Mobility Systems and Subsistence, Neolithic and Epipaleolithic Archaeology in the Near East
Undergraduate Institution: Baylor University
Gabriel Popescu
Research Interests: Lithic Technology and Typology, Paleolithic Old World, Modern Human Origins, Site Formation Processes, Forager Mobility Patterns and Land-Use Strategies, Human Evolutionary Theory, Human Environment Interactions
Committee: C. Michael Barton (Co-Chair), Geoffrey Clark (Co-Chair), Curtis Marean
Undergraduate Institution: University of Bucharest, Romania
Hannah Reitzel Rivera
Research Interests: North and West Mexican Archaeology, Exchange, Regional Interaction Systems, Political Economy, Pottery Sourcing and Production Studies, Metallurgy and Metallographic Studies, Development of Urbanism, Style and Social Boundaries
Undergraduate Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology ('07, B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, Archaeology)
Sidney Rempel
Research Interests: Near Eastern Bronze Age Complex Societies, Regional Settlement Patterns and Culture Contact, Remote Sensing and GIS in Archaeological Applications
Committee: Steve Falconer (Chair), Geoffrey ClarkBarbara Stark, Stephen Savage
Undergraduate Institution: University of Saskatchewan
Will Russell
Research Interests: Southwestern Archaeology, Identity, Migration, Iconography
Committee: Margaret Nelson (Chair), Michelle HegmonKatherine Spielmann
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Benjamin Schoville
Research Interests: African Stone Age, Zooarchaeology, Taphonomy, Lithic Analysis, Geometric Morphometrics, Hunter-Gatherer Ecology, Harvester Ants
Committee: Curtis Marean (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Colorado State University
Christopher Schwartz
Research Interests: Archaeology of Ritual, Zooarchaeology, Ritual Economy, Social Identity, Human Interaction with the Environment, Mesoamerica, U.S. Southwest
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Grant Snitker 
Research Interests: Social-Ecological Systems, Small-Scale Agriculture, Lithics, Museum Studies (Collections and Databases)
Undergraduate Institution: University of Oregon
Sarah Striker
Research Interests: Northeastern U.S. Archaeology, Conflict and Captives in Small-Scale Societies, Community Outreach and Education
Committee: Katherine Spielmann (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Laura Swantek
Research Interests: Prehistoric Cyprus and the Near East, Social Organization of the Prehistoric Bronze Age, Ground Stone Technologies, Subsistence Practices, Household Economy
Committee: C. Michael Barton (Chair), Katherine SpielmannNancy Serwint
Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York, Albany
Andrea Torvinen
Research Interests: Northwest Mexico, Exchange, Ceramic Petrography, Ritual Economy
Committee: Ben Nelson (Chair), David AbbottBarbara Stark, Roberto Molina Garza (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
Undergraduate Institution: Albion College
Chris Watkins
Research Interests: Organization of Production and Exchange, Ceramics, Southwestern Archaeology, Archaeometry
Committee: David Abbott (Chair), Katherine Spielmann, Barbara Stark
Undergraduate Institution: Brigham Young University
Hope M. Williams
Research Interests: Archaeological Chemistry/Isotope Geochemistry, Method Development and "Non-Traditional" Isotope Systems, the African Middle Stone Age (MSA), Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction, Isotopic Ecology of Later Pleistocene Homo, the Origins of "Modern" Behavior"
Committee: Curtis Marean (Chair), Kaye Reed, Kelly Knudson
Undergraduate/Other Institutions: American University, George Washington University
Nathan Wilson
Research Interests: Mesoamerican Gulf Coast, Household Production and Subsistence, Urban-Rural Interaction, Regional Political Economy, Exchange Networks
Committee: Barbara Stark (Chair), Michael SmithKeith Kintigh
Undergraduate Institution: University of Oregon

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Elise Alonzi
Research Interests: Religion and Monasticism, Mobility, Isotopic Analysis, Medieval Ireland
Committee: Rachel Scott, Kelly Knudson
Undergraduate Institution: University of Notre Dame

Katelyn Bolhofner
Research Interests: Skeletal Variation, Skeletal Trauma, Human Osteology, Forensic Anthropology, Roman Spain
Committee: Jane Buikstra (Chair), Rachel ScottC. Michael Barton
Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida
Rebecca Bookman
Research Interests: Human Osteology, Paleopathology, Biodistance, Critical Race Theory, Ethnogenesis, Ecogeographic Variation
Undergraduate Institution: Texas Christian University 
Tommy Budd
Research Interests: Paleoanthropology, Biodistance, Identity, Ethiopia, Horn of Africa, Medieval Scandinavia

Charisse Carver
Research Interests: Early Medieval Archaeology, Biodistance, Ethnogenesis, Religious and Ethnic Identity in the Early Middle Ages
Committee: Rachel Scott (Chair), Jane Buikstra, Christopher Stojanowski
Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Jason Crosby
Committee: Brenda Baker (Chair), Christopher Stojanowski, Margaret Judd (University of Pittsburgh)
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, Human Osteology, Dental Anthropology, Paleopathology, Mortuary Archaeology, Stable Isotope Analysis, North Africa, Europe
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Allisen Dahlstedt
Research Interests: Prehistoric Diet and Identity, Trade and Inequality in Complex Societies, Andes, Stable Isotope Analysis
Committee: Kelly Knudson (Chair), Jane Buikstra, Ben Nelson
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego
Mallorie A. Hatch
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology of Mississippian Illinois, Anthropology of Violence and Warfare, Trauma Analysis, Paleopathology, Biodistance, Chimpanzee Aggression
Committee: Jane Buikstra (Chair), Katherine Spielmann, George Milner
Undergraduate Institution: University of Utah
Aliya Hoff
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology of Identity and Personhood, Ethnogenesis, Biodistance, Gender Studies, Human Osteology, Skeletal Variation, Digital Archaeology
Committee: Christopher Stojanowski
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego 
Kent M. Johnson
Research Interests: Andean Bioarchaeology (Middle Horizon), Sociopolitical Interaction, Biodistance Analysis, Identity, Dental Morphology
Committee: Jane Buikstra (Co-Chair), Christopher Stojanowski (Co-Chair), Kelly Knudson, Paul Goldstein (University of California, San Diego)
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara
Sara Marsteller
Research Interests: Andes (Central Coast), Migration, Community Interaction, Diet and Identity Construction, Pre-Inka Gender Ideology, Paleopathology, Pre-Columbian Sickness Ideology, Isotope Biogeochemistry
Committee: Kelly Knudson (Chair), Jane BuikstraRachel Scott
Undergraduate Institution: Cornell College
Kristin Nado
AAGS Co-Treasurer
Committee: Jane Buikstra (Chair), Kelly Knudson, Michael Smith
Undergraduate Institution: Stanford University
Annie Laurie Norris  
Research Interests: Ancient Mediterranean and North Africa (esp. the Nile Valley), Juvenile Osteology, Childhood Morbidity and Mortality, Age as an Aspect of Social Identity, Isotopic Analyses
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Davis (Evolutionary Anthropology and Classic Civilizations); Other Graduate Institution: University of Central Florida (Anthropology)
Anna Novotny
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology, Mesoamerica, Maya, Mortuary Ritual, Identity, Social Memory, Body Modification
Committee: Jane Buikstra (Chair), Christopher Carr, Miguel Aguilera, Cynthia Robin, Vera Tiesler
Undergraduate Institution: Kenyon College
Sofia Pacheco-Fores
AAGS Secretary
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology of Identity, Cultural Modification of the Body, Curation of the Body, Mortuary Practices, Andes, Mesoamerica
Undergraduate Institution: Columbia University
Kathleen Paul
AAGS Bioarchaeology Approach Representative
Research Interests: Mesoamerican Bioarchaeology, Dental Morphology, Dental Modification
Committee: Christopher Stojanowski (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: New York University
Eleanna Prevedorou
Committee: Jane Buikstra (Chair), Kelly Knudson, Christopher Stojanowski, Jeremy Rutter, Sherry Fox
Research Interests: Aegean Prehistory, Biogeochemistry, Biodistance
Undergraduate Institution: University of Ioannina (Greece)
Emily Schach
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology of Social Identities, Bioarchaeology of the Life Course, Feminist Archaeology, South-Central Andes, American Midwest, Mortuary Practices, Isotope Biogeochemistry, Skeletal Analysis
Committee: Kelly Knudson (Chair), Jane BuikstraRachel Scott
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
William Schaffer
Research Interests: Skeletal and Craniofacial Biomechanics; Spatial and Temporal Variation in Human Body Size, Shape, and Limb Proportions; Biological Distance and Population Genetics
Committee: Brenda Baker (Chair), Michael Smith, Daniel Hruschka, Jerome Rose (University of Arkansas)
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institutions: University of Massachusetts, Boston; University of Arkansas
Andrew Seidel
Research Interests: Mortuary Practices, Skeletal Biology, Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology of the American Midwest and Southeast, Adena Ceremonialism, Biological Distance, Alternative Conceptions of Personhood, Cultural Landscapes
Committee: Christopher Carr (Chair), Jane BuikstraMiguel Aguilera
Undergraduate Institution: Oberlin College
Emily Sharp
Amanda Wissler
Research Interests: Bioarchaeology of the Ancient Near East, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Paleopathology, Stress Indicators, Nutrition
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Berkeley

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evolutionary (formerly physical) anthropology

Andrew Bishop      
Research Interests: Human Behavioral Ecology, Foraging Theory, Signaling Theory, Life History Theory, Hunter Gatherers, Origins of Social Complexity
Committee: Kim Hill (Chair), Robert BoydJoan Silk
Undergraduate Institution: University of Alabama (B.A., Adventure Photography; B.S. World Cultural and Environmental Interactions)
Joel Bray
Research Interests: Primate Behavioral Ecology, Development, Life History, Cognitive Evolution
Committee: Ian Gilby (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Duke University 
Starletta Brown
Committee: Magdalena Hurtado (Chair), Gerardo Chowell-Puente (Georgia State University)
Undergraduate Institution: State University of New York, Buffalo
Kierstin Catlett
Research Interests: Dental Functional Morphology and Development, Human and Primate Growth and Development, Life History Evolution
Committee: Gary Schwartz (Chair), Kaye Reed, C. Michael Barton, Laurie R. Godfrey (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institution: University of Wyoming; Northern Illinois University
Elizabeth Susanne Daly
Research Interests: Paleoanthropology, Dental Morphology, Development and Variation
Committee: Gary Schwartz (Chair), William Kimbel, Kaye Reed
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institution: Franklin and Marshall College; Mercyhurst College
Hallie Edmonds
AAGS Vice President
Research Interests: Post-Cranial Biomechanics, Functional Morphology, Primate Locomotor Ability
Committee: Mark Spencer (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: University of Arizona
Halszka Glowacka
Research Interests: Paleoanthropology, Life History Evolution, Primate Dentognathic Development
Committee: Gary Schwartz (Chair)
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institution: University of Toronto
Neysa Grider-Potter
AAGS Evolutionary Anthropology Approach Representative
Research Interests: Primate Posture and Locomotion, Functional Morphology of Basicranium and Cervical Spine, Fossil Hominids
Committee: William Kimbel (Chair), Gary Schwartz, Carol Ward (University of Missouri)
Undergraduate Institution: Michigan State University
Emily Hallett
Research Interests: Zooarchaeology and Paleoecology of North African (Modern Human) and Middle Eastern (Neanderthal) Middle Paleolithic Sites
Committee: Curtis Marean (Co-Chair), Kaye Reed (Co-Chair), Harold Dibble (University of Pennsylvania), William Kimbel
Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington
Genevieve Housman
AAGS President
Research Interests: Molecular Anthropology, Primate Epigenetics and Genetics
Committee: Anne Stone (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Boston University
Ignacio Lazagabaster
Research Interests: Human Evolution, Vertebrate Paleontology, Mammalian Evolutionary Trends from the Miocene Onwards in East Africa and South Africa, Paleoecology of the Suoidea, Physical Anthropology, Paleopathology
Undergraduate Institution: Autonomous University of Madrid  
Ellis Locke
Research Interests: Paleoecological Context for Hominin Evolution, Relationship Between Climatic Conditions and Mammalian Communities in the Plio-Pleistocene of East and Southern Africa, Functional Morphology
Committee: Kaye Reed
Undergraduate Institution: New York University
Amanda McGrosky
Research Interests: Dental Growth and Development, Brain and Life History Evolution, Paleoanthropology, Africa
Committee: Gary Schwartz
Undergraduate Institution: Mount Holyoke College; Other Graduate Institution: University College London
Chalachew Mesfin Seyoum
Research Interests: Hominin Evolution and their Environment
Committee: William Kimbel (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Addis Ababa University
Maria Nieves Colón
Research Interests: Molecular Anthropology, Ancient DNA, the Caribbean Region
Committee: Anne Stone (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Samantha Patterson
Research Interests: Evolution of Social Behavior Across Primates, Variation in Female Baboon Social Bonds and Agression, Interactions Between Sexes
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
Vance Reeds
Research Interests: the Evolution of Primate Mating Systems, Mate Choice, Sexual Selection, Reproductive Behavior
Committee: Joan Silk (Advisor)
Undergraduate Institution: Canisius College
Kelly Reina
Research Interests: Primate Behavior and Cognition, the Evolution and Development of Prosociality, Intentionality, Theory of Mind
Committee: Joan Silk
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan
John Rowan
Research Interests: Mammalian Paleontology (Biogeographical and Systematics), Pliocene Hominin Evolution, Evolutionary Theory, Vertebrate Evolution in the Afar Region of Ethiopia and the Turkana Basin, Kenya
Committee: Kaye Reed, Christopher Campisano
Undergraduate Institution: The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Amy Shapiro
Research Interests: Paleoecology of Africa, Primate Evolution, Mammal Communities, Paleoanthropology
Committee: Kaye Reed (Chair), Curtis MareanGary Schwartz
Undergraduate Institution: Yale University
Irene Smail
Research Interests: Plio-Pleistocene Hominin Evolution in the Context of Paleoecology and Paleoclimate Changes, Unique Adaptations of Early Homo Compared with Sympatric Hominin Species
Undergraduate Institution: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Charles Withnell
Research Interests: Paleoanthropology, Human and Non-Human Primate Evolution, Functional Anatomy and Morphology, Dental Anthropology, Vertebrate Paleontology that Includes Mammalian, Reptile and Fish Evolution, Systematics, Landscape Evolution and/or Reconstruction, Stratigraphic and Depositional Environments, Tanzania, Keny, Ethiopia, South Africa, Middle East
Committee: Christopher Campisano
Undergraduate Institution: University of Arkansas

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sociocultural anthropology

Angie Abdelmonem
Research Interests: Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Development, Postcolonialism, Gender, Identity, Arab and Muslim Women, Egypt and the Middle East
Committee: James Eder (Chair), Hjorliefur Jonsson, Madelaine Adelman, Asya El-Meehy
Undergraduate Institution: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Melissa Beresford
Research Interests: Economic Anthropology, Food Systems and Agriculture, Institutions, Cooperation and Collective Action, Social and Cultural Identity, Economic Resilience, Globalization, South Africa and U.S.
Committee Members: Amber Wutich (Chair), Takeyuki Tsuda, Abigail York
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego; Other Graduate Institution: University of Chicago
Ryan Bleam
Research Interests: Space and Place, Urban Ecology, Indigenous Identity, Indigenous Medical Belief Systems, U.S. Southwest, Australia
Undergraduate Institution: Elon University
Miran Bozicevic
Committee: J. Marty Anderies (Chair), Marco JanssenBob BolinAlexandra Brewis Slade
Undergraduate Institution: Yale University
Mary Driese
Research Interests: Medical Anthropology, Non-Government Organizations, Medical Ethics, International Aid, Medical Tourism, Health Disparities, Medical Education, Guatemala, Latin America
Committee: Jonathan Maupin (Chair), Ben Hurlbut, Monica Gaughan
Undergraduate Institution: University of Texas, Austin 
Margaret du Bray
AAGS Sociocultural Anthropology Approach Representative
Research Interests: Theoretical and Applied Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Environmental Justice, Water Rights and Resource Access, Political Ecology, Natural Disasters and Hazards, Disparities in Resource Access, U.S. Southwest and Pacific Northwest, Latin America, Oceania
Julianna Gwiszcz   
Research Interests: Development and Applied Anthropology; Visual Ethnography; Sustainability and Sustainable Development; Human Rights; Social Change Theory; Community Capacity Building; Youth Development; New Media Technology and Global Consciousness; Economic Justice; Displacement and Citizenship; Anthropology of Education; Power, Identity, and Race Dynamics; Indigenous People and Indigenous Rights; Ecological Justice; Disaster Studies; Urban Political Ecology; Ecosystems Analysis; Production and Consumption of Knowledge; Transnational Social Movements, NGOs, and Society
Other Graduate Institution: Columbia University (M.A. in Social Work) 
Joseph Hackman  
Research Interests: Fertility and Demographic Transition, Life History Theory, Behavioral Immune System, Friendship and Cooperation, Human Behavioral Ecology, Evolutionary Psychology
Committee: Daniel Hruschka
Undergraduate Institution: Boise State University 
Julia Ivanova
Research Interests: Issues of Health and Sustainability
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University 
Ben Jewell
Research Interests: Economic Anthropology, Food Security, Urban Food Environments
Committee: Amber Wutich (Chair), Alexandra Brewis Slade, James Eder, Christopher Boone
Undergraduate/Graduate Institutions: University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Colorado State University
Tae-Eun Kim
Research Interests: Anthropology of Space and Mobility, Urbanism and Sustainability, Urban Ethnography; East Africa
Committee: James Eder (Chair), Bob Bolin, Andrea Ballestero (Rice University)
Undergraduate Institution: Sogang University
Ayesha Masood
Research Interest: Identity Formation Among Females in Pakistan
Hans Nesse
Research Interests: Ecological Processes in Archaeology, Quantitative Modeling, Statistics, Public Understanding of Science
Committee: Curtis Marean (Chair), Kim Hill, J. Marty Anderies
Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington

Ruben D. Nunez Gonzalez
Research Interests: Cultural Ecology, Ethnoecology, Gathering of Wild Plants, Nature as Commodity, Marketization of Nature, Subsistence Livelihoods, Vulnerabilities in Children and Young People, Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico, Indigenous Cultures of Oaxaca
Undergraduate Institution: Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon; Other Graduate Institution: El Colegio de San Luis 

Stephen Reichardt
Research Interests: Museum Studies (Specifically Depictions of Indigenous Cultures in Modern and Post-Modern Museums – Implicit Values Carried by these Institutions), Mesoamerica, Canada, U.S. Southwest, GIS/Cartography
Committee: Richard Toon (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Nathan Rollins
Committee: Marco Janssen (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina
Rhian Stotts
Research Interests: Environmental Anthropology, Water Scarcity, Wastewater Reuse, Sustainable Resource Management
Committee: Amber Wutich (Chair), Shauna BurnSilver, Gary Grossman, Dave White
Undergraduate Institution: College of Wooster
Charlotte Till
Research Interests: Human Migration and Migration Decision Making with a Focus in the Context of Environmental Change
Committee: Shauna BurnSilver (Co-Chair), Dave White (Co-Chair), Takeyuki Tsuda
Undergraduate Institution: University of Otago
Leonid Tiokhin
Research Interests: Deception, Signalling Theory, Evolutionary Medicine, Evolution of Contemporary Human Behavior and Psychology
Committee: Daniel Hruschka (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Los Angeles
Dimitra Varvarezou
Research Interests: Sociocultural Constructions of Disability, Illness and Health, Medicalization of the Body, Conflict/Convergence of Medical Systems, Social Violence, Human Rights, Gender Studies, Navajo Perceptions, Southwest U.S.
Alexandra White 
Research Interests: Food Risk Perception, Safety and Policy, Industrial Food Systems, Public Health Law, Environmental Law, Health Law, School Lunch Regulation
Committee: Amber Wutich
Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern California (Anthropology and Communication); Other Graduate Institution: ASU's Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law (Law Science and Technology with a Specialty in Health Care Law)

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applied mathematics for the life + social sciences

Kamal K. Barley 
Research Interests: Epidemiology, Transmission Dynamics, Control of the Disease as a Health Disparity Between Rural and Urban Populations Using Field and Incidence Data 
Jordan Bates
Research Interests: Complex Adaptive Systems, Network Science, Policy Informatics, Agent-Based Modeling, Institutional Analysis, Computational Neuroscience
Undergraduate Institution: Purdue University 
Gilbert Bernal
Krystal Blanco
Research Interests: Applying Mathematics and Computer Science to Develop Reusable Software Tools for the Fields of Ecology and Sociology
Undergraduate Institution: Boston University
Nadya Bliss
Research Interests: Graph Algorithms and Applications; Parallel, High Performance, and Cloud Computing; Data Representation; Big Data, Visualization, and User Experience; Forensic and Tactical Data Analysis; Optimization and Co-Design Approaches; Defense and Intelligence Applications
Undergraduate and Other Graduate Institution: Cornell University 
Shala Brown
Daniel Burkow
AAGS Applied Math for the Life + Social Sciences Approach Representative
Research Interests: Biology, Physiology, Dynamical Systems, Stochastic Processes, Sociology, Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming, Computational Analysis, Physics, Fluid Dynamics
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Diego Chowell-Puente 
Research Interests: Complex Systems, Infectious Diseases, Cancer
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institutions: University of Colima; Utrecht University
I Made Eka Dwipayana
Research Interests: Applied Dynamical Systems, Biomathematics, Numerical PDE and ODE, Mathematical Epidemiology, Mathematical Ecology, Discrete and Continuous Dynamicsl Systems and Neurosciences
Undergraduate and Other Graduate Institution: Bandung Institute of Technology
Baltazar Espinoza Cortes
Research Interests: Dynamical Systems, Epidemiology, Game Theory, Economics 
Arlene M. Evangelista
Research Interest: Mathematics Education
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Co-Chair), Michael Oehrtman (Co-Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Beverly Gonzalez
Research Interest: Cognitive Measures
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Chair)
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Other Graduate Institution: Brown University
Jasmine Jackson
Research Interests: Epidemiology of Social Issues and Vector-Borne Diseases, Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics Modeling of Hazardous Chemicals, Exploring Other Arenas of Mathematical Biology 
Maryam Khan
Research Interests: Epidemiology, Social Science, Environmental Science, Applying Mathematical Modeling to Critical Issues in the Social Science Field 
Michael Lin
Research Interests: Task Allocation in Social Insect Colonies, Collective Behavior, Dynamic Networks, Agent-Based Modeling, Data Mining Applied to Complex Systems, Image Processing
Undergraduate Institution: University of Maryland, College Park (Physics) 
Robert Mamada
Research Interests: Mathematical Sociology, Mathematical Epidemiology, Game Theory, Complex Adaptive Systems 
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Los Angeles (B.S., Applied Mathematics); Other Graduate Institution: California State University, Los Angeles (M.A., Sociology) 
Miles Manning 
Research Interests: Agent-Based Modeling, HIV, Epidemiology
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Komi Messan
Research Interests: Population Dynamics and Environmental Processes, Stochastic Processes, Optimal Control Theory
Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina A & T State University
Romarie Morales 
Research Interests: Economic and Health-Related Issues

Victor Moreno Martinez
Research Interests: Epidemiology, Geometric Number Theory, Graph Theory
Anarina Murillo
Research Interests:  Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Eating Behaviors, Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology, Networks
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Fereshteh Nazari
Kamaldeen Okuneye
Undergraduate Institution: Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
Dustin Padilla
Research Interests: Population Dynamics, Differential Equations, Ecological Modeling, Epidemiology, Evolution, Stochastic Process, Complexity, Sustainability, Robustness of Social-Ecological Systems
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez
Undergraduate Institution: Western New Mexico University
Juan Renova
Research Interests: Computational Mathematics, Inverse Problems and Image Processing, Mathematical Modeling, Dynamical Systems
Claudia Rodriguez
Research Interests: Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Stochastic Processes, Statistics, Network Modeling, Math Education
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Mary Ross
Research Interests: Ecosystems, Natural Resource Management, Fish and/or Wildlife Population Dynamics 
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University West 
Adrian Smith
Research Interests: Applied Dynamics and Mathematical Neurosciences (Dynamics, Neural Mechanisms and Biophysical Models of Phase Precession in the Hippocampus)
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Marco Herrera-Valdez
Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington
Ilyssa Summer 
Research Interests: Human Evolution and Mathematics
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Marco Herrera-Valdez
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Oyita Udiani
Research Interests: Mathematical Ecology (Sexual Selection, Optimal Foraging, Etc.), Evolutionary Game Theory, Social Dynamics and Collective Action, Agent-Based Modeling and Stochastic Processes in Ecological Systems
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez
Undergraduate Institution: Saint Augustine's University; Other Graduate Institution: The Ohio State University
Na Zhang
Research Interests: Evolutionary Dynamics, Mathematical Modeling in Anthropology and Biology, Cultural Evolution
Committee: Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Chair), Manfred Laubichler
Undergraduate Institution: Peking University; Other Graduate Institution: Arizona State University

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environmental social science

Sotiria Anagnostou
Research Interests: Gender, Environmental Policy, Environmental Economics, Social Dimensions of Climate Change and Climate Change Adaptation
Committee: Bob Bolin
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institutions: Marietta College ('08, Environmental Studies and Political Science); Boston University ('09, Energy and Environmental Analysis)
Thomas Bleasdale
Research Interests: Community Gardening in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods, Urban Vulnerability to Climate Change
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Ute Brady
Research Interests: Globalization and the Impact of Global Institutions on Local Social-Ecological Systems (with a Particular Emphasis on Endangered Species), Environmental Ethics, Environmental Justice
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University (B.S., Sustainability)
Rafael Fernandez
Research Interests: Environmental Management, Social Ecology, Environmental Justice, International Relations, Environmental Anthropology, Climate, Governance, International Development and Sustainability
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institutions: Universidad de las Americas; Newcastle University
Jen Fuller
Research Interests: Electric utilities in relation to policy, representation making, and public engagement about renewable energy; social theory; socio-technical imaginaries
Committee: Jameson Wetmore (Chair), Clark Miller, Elisabeth Graffy
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institutions: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lauren Gentile  
Research Interests: Social Vulnerability, Environmental Hazards, Environmental Law and Policy, Institutions, Climate Change, Land Use, GIScience 
Committee: Bob Bolin (Chair), Abigail York
Undergraduate Institution: University of Miami; Other Graduate Institution: Vermont Law School (Master of Environmental Law and Policy)
David Gillum
Research Interests: Bioethics, Biohazards Research, Biological Safety and Security Policy, Biotechnology Governance, Environmental Hazards, Environmental Justice Studies, Institutions for Health and Safety, Science and Technology Policy, Scientific Regulatory Knowledge
Committee: Ed Hackett (Chair), Kevin McHugh, Bob Bolin
Undergraduate Institution: University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Other Graduate Institution: University of Massachusetts, Amherst (M.S., Environmental Social Science) 
Anita Hagy Ferguson
AAGS Environmental Social Sciences Approach Representative
Research Interests: Human-Wildlife Conflict Resolution in Conservation of Charismatic Mega Fauna (Research Foci: Wild Horses, Wolves, Big Cats); Human-Nonhuman Animal Relationships; Boundary Issues (Philosophical, Theoretical, and Geographic); Intercultural Communication, Cultural Identity, and Cultural Preservation; Environmental Ethics and Philosophy of Science; Collaborative, Transdisciplinary, and Transformative Mediation
Committee: Bob Bolin (Chair), James Eder, Netra Chhetri
Undergraduate Institution: Southern Oregon University
William Hsu
Research Interests: Human-Environment Interactions in Urban/Built Environments, Human Spatial Interactions and Configurations, Transport Systems, Urban Development and Socio-Cultural, Ecological and Political Effects
Undergraduate Institution: Washington University, St. Louis
Bogdana M. Manole
Research Interests: Political Ecology, Discourse Formation, Local Knowledge, Scientific Regulatory Knowledge, Water Rights, Hydraulic Fracturing, Clean Energy
Undergraduate Institution: University of Washington; Other Graduate Institution: University of Washington, Bothell (M.A.)
Christopher Nafe
Research Interests: The Gap Between Environmental Concern and Environmental Action, Ecosystems and the Economy
Undergraduate Institution: Washington and Jefferson College; Other Graduate Institution: Penn State Harrisburg
Katelyn Parady
Research Interests: Toxicity, Chemicals and Environmental Health, Environmental Justice Studies, Science Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies, Political and Urban Ecology, Ethnography
Committee: Bob Bolin (Chair), Andrea Ballestero (Rice University), Christopher Boone, Kevin McHugh
Undergraduate Institution: University of Wyoming
Elicia Ratajczyk
Research Interests: Human-Environment Interactions, Collaboration, Institutional Design, Complex Adaptive Systems, Public Affairs and Policy
Undergraduate Institution: University of Colorado, Boulder; Other Graduate Institution: University of Colorado, Denver (M.Arch., M.P.A.)
Hoon Cheol Shin
Research Interests: Interplay between Institutional Arrangements and Collective Action in Managing Common-Pool Resources
Skaidra Smith-Heisters
Research Interests: Environmental Policy, Political Economy, Voluntarism, Institutional Analysis
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Davis
Abigail Sullivan
Research Interest: Food Production as a Social-Ecological System, especially in Developing Nations and Food Deserts
Undergraduate Institution: Unity College; Other Graduate Institution: University of Maine (M.S., Ecology and Environmental Science)
Robinson Torres

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Global Health

Darien Allen
M.A. Program
Research Interests: Latin America, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Disparities in Access to Health Care, Emic Views of Disease
Committee: Megan Jehn (Advisor), Jonathan Maupin (Advisor)
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Alicia Dinsmore
M.A. Program 
Ashley Hagaman
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Cultural Constructions of Suicide Across Cultures, Epidemiology of Suicide, Suicide Prevention, Psychometric Development, Mental Healthcare, Health Institutions and Policy
Undergraduate Institution: University of Michigan; Other Graduate Institution: Emory University (Master of Public Health)
Sarah Hall
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Malaria, Pneumonia, Mobile Health in Tanzania
Committee: Shauna BurnSilver, Daniel Hruschka
Undergraduate Institution: Brigham Young University (Undergraduate and Master's Degrees)
Ryan Harmonick
M.A. Program
Research Interests: Human Rights, Refugee Relocation, Resource Depletion
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University 
Elizabeth Kurtz
Ph.D. Program
AAGS Global Health Approach Representative
Research Interests: Cultural Dimensions of Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Medicine and Disaster Relief, Central and South America, Bangladesh and Tibet, U.S. Southwest and Northwest
Undergraduate Institution: Austin Peay State University
Sarah McCool
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Social Determinants of Health, Household Economics, Food Insecurity, Urbanization, Globalization and Health
Undergraduate Institution: University of Iowa
Georgia Michlig
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Sexual Health and Well-Being of Refugee Women, Educational Programming
Homaira Parveen
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Immunological Responses to Stress, especially Gender Roles and Income
Jose Rosales Chavez
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Obesity, Health Disparities, Built and Nutritional Environments, Food Consumption Behaviors, Socio-Ecological Determinants of Health, Food Insecurity, Health Promotion, Community Interventions, Policy Making and Obesity Prevention
Committee: Alexandra Brewis Slade (Co-Chair), Megan Jehn (Co-Chair), Punam Ohri-Vachaspati, Meg Bruening
Undergraduate Institution: University of San Diego
Stephanie Slinn
M.A. Program
Research Interests: Low-Income Populations, Academic Success, Obesity, Cost of Nutrition, Bureaucracy, Women in Leadership, Mentoring
Committee: Monica Gaughan
Undergraduate Institution: McMaster University 
Heather Story
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Women's Health, International Health and Development, Sustainability
Committee: Daniel Hruschka
Undergraduate/Other Graduate Institution: Miami University; University of Michigan
Mariya Voytyuk
Ph.D. Program
Research Interests: Food Choice; Culture and Nutrition; Alternative Diet Ideologies; Diet, Health and Naturalness; Diet-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Committee: Daniel Hruschka (Chair)
Undergraduate Institutions: Goshen College; International Christian University, Ukraine; Other Graduate Institution: Indiana University, Bloomington

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museum studies

Robert Alling
M.A. Program
Kristilyn Baldwin
Certificate Program
Research Interests: Late-19th-Century Museums and Galleries, Civilian Perspective of the Civil War, Death and Dying in Late-19th-Century U.S., Early American Photography
Committee: Richard Toon, Brooks Simpson
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Katelyn Bolhofner
Certificate Program
Research Interests: Skeletal Variation, Skeletal Trauma, Human Osteology, Forensic Anthropology, Roman Spain
Committee: Jane Buikstra (Chair), Rachel ScottC. Michael Barton
Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida
Rachel Buckman
M.A. Program  
Research Interests: Hohokam Archaeology, Pueblo Grande, Bioarchaeology, Paleopathology 
Allisen Dahlstedt
Certificate Program
Research Interests: Prehistoric Diet and Identity, Trade and Inequality in Complex Societies, Andes, Stable Isotope Analysis
Committee: Kelly Knudson (Chair), Jane Buikstra, Ben Nelson
Undergraduate Institution: University of California, San Diego
Austin Doll  
M.A. Program
Chelsea Ellsworth
M.A. Program 
Research Interests: Art and Culture
Undergraduate Institution: Brigham Young University 
Caolan Head
M.A. Program 
Stephen Reichardt
Certificate Program
Research Interests: Museum Studies (Specifically Depictions of Indigenous Cultures in Modern and Post-Modern Museums – Implicit Values Carried by these Institutions), Mesoamerica, Canada, U.S. Southwest, GIS/Cartography
Committee: Richard Toon (Chair)
Undergraduate Institution: Arizona State University
Samantha Silverberg
M.A. Program 
Undergraduate Institution: Lycoming College 
Grant Snitker 
Certificate Program
Research Interests: Social-Ecological Systems, Small-Scale Agriculture, Lithics, Museum Studies (Collections and Databases)
Undergraduate Institution: University of Oregon
Lawrence Welty
Certificate Program

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