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How we were raised, not physical environment, explains human behavior

June 16, 2015

Why do people in different parts of the world eat different things, follow different social norms and believe in different origins stories? ASU anthropologists Charles Perreault and Sarah Mathew have found that social learning is responsible.

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Archaeologist captures ancient city's life and legacy

George Cowgill, one of the world's leading minds on Teotihuacan, has released the first comprehensive book on this enignmatic Mesoamerican city that was once the largest in the New World ...

Researchers link Ebola news coverage to public panic on social media

A team of researchers that included the school's Carlos Castillo-Chavez used data on Google searches and tweets to examine the relationship between Ebola-related news reports and public panic.  ...

Controlled contact key to protecting isolated tribes

Isolated tribes of South America are being forced into contact with an outside world that they are often unprepared to face. ASU anthropologist Kim Hill has worked with isolated tribes for nearly 30 years and provides his insight on dealing with their emergence in the latest issue of Science  ...

ASU researchers make science fun at Phoenix Comicon

Anthropological geneticist Anne Stone was among the ASU researchers staffing science panels at the latest Phoenix Comicon. She contributed information on working with ancient DNA as part of the "Jurassic World" science programming ...

Google Earth solves and creates problems for archaeologists

Discover magazine recently asked Digital Antiquity executive director Francis McManamon to offer input on the latest trend of armchair archaeologists using Google Earth and similar technology to locate – and sometimes excavate – archaeological sites ...

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featured media

featured media

Discovery of jaw by ASU team sheds light on early  human ancestor

A major find by evolutionary anthropology graduate student Chalachew Seyoum has pushed back the earliest known fossil of Homo lineage by 400,000 years. The discovery, part of a lower jaw with 5 teeth, was made in Ethiopia, where Seyoum was working as part of an international research team that included ASU President's Professor Kaye Reed and assistant professor Chris Campisano.

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