Faculty Experts

Our faculty is composed of some of the top minds in the social sciences. Please consult our topical faculty listings for information on individual areas of expertise.

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National Academy of Sciences Members

H. Russell Bernard

Jane Buikstra  

american academy of arts + sciences members

Ana Magdalena Hurtado 

Joan Silk


ford foundation fellow

Carlos Castillo-Chavez  


carnegie fellow

Sarah Mathew

American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows

Jane Buikstra 

Carlos Castillo-Chavez 

Geoffrey Clark

George Cowgill

William Kimbel

Mary Marzke

Margaret Nelson 

Barbara Stark

Anne Stone 


origins professorRobert Boyd

national science foundation early career development award winners

J. Marty Anderies  

Monica Gaughan

Daniel Hruschka 

fulbright american scholars 

C. Michael Barton 

Jane Buikstra 

Geoffrey Clark 

James Eder  

Keith Kintigh  

Christopher Morehart

Charles Redman 

Takeyuki Tsuda 

Regents' ProfessorsJane Buikstra

Carlos Castillo-Chavez 

Geoffrey Clark (Emeritus)


centennial professor

Daniel Hruschka

ASU foundation professor

Sander van der Leeuw 


President's ProfessorsAlexandra Brewis Slade 

Margaret Nelson 

Kaye Reed