Graduate Studies

With a large, world-leading faculty, and a wealth of facilities, courses and mentoring programs to support excellent and innovative student training, a primary goal is to ensure our graduate students have a wonderful record of success as they move forward to define their own emerging careers.

Our school is known for, and proud of, the highly collegial, supportive environment we provide for our graduate students, and the level of financial and other support we provide. We encourage intellectual diversity and cross-fertilization, and take pride in our efforts to nurture creativity and innovation in our students as emerging scholars and collaborators.

Regardless of the PhD or MA degree, students have full access to mentoring by all of our faculty, and access to all our facilities and courses. Our students and faculty publish together as standard practice, and together also gain experience through involvement in a myriad of other major ASU research initiatives, such as the Institute for Social Science Research, Humanities Research Institute, Global Institute of Sustainability, Biodesign Institute, Origins Initiative, Obesity Solutions and the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative.

One of the advantages of studying at ASU is the sheer size and diversity of the largest research university in the U.S., meaning almost anything is possible here. 

The School of Human Evolution and Social Change’s 60 faculty, 40 fully equipped laboratories, six research centers and institutes, flexible programs of study and hundreds of graduate-level courses taught by world-class faculty, provide unequalled opportunities for graduate student professional training and growth.

Funding for your PhD? Yes, we have that too. Currently some 80 PhD students are funded directly by teaching and research assistantships. We take seriously the need to ensure our students are competitive for outside awards, and many more of our students are supported by NSF and other external awards.

65% of our doctoral graduates hold positions in academia.   



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