director's message

Alexandra Brewis Slade
Director + President's Professor

This is a very special year for us. We celebrate our 10th anniversary as a school. We began as an anthropology department and remain the largest, most dynamic anthropology program in the world. The new School of Human Evolution and Social Change also welcomed faculty with a wide array of complementary talents – from geology and institutional analysis to computation and epidemiology.

We emphasize the power of collaboration to expand the scale and impact of our scholarship. The design of the new school was considered bold and daring at the time. We now know that imagining an academy without boundaries – between disciplines and between our science and its translation – can drive an amazing florescence in both creativity and productivity.

So, by all the metrics, we are making an impact. We are a major contributor to ASU’s standing of 6th nationally in the social sciences based on NSF HERD rankings. Our faculty was awarded some $12 million in major external awards last year to move forward complex and important collaborative research, and mentor our 180 PhD students as emerging collaborators.

Our undergraduate majors have access to personalized research experiences with our world-class faculty, so that everyone attached to our school is part of a major collaborative effort to understand and improve the human experience. What continues to energize is an extraordinary passion – shared by our faculty, staff and students alike – for doing social science that really matters.

We welcome you to join our adventure.

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