Faculty Spotlight

Kaye Reed
President's Professor
Evolutionary Anthropology 


Christopher Campisano
Assistant Professor
Evolutionary Anthropology
Since 2002, Reed has been directing field work in the Ledi-Geraru region of Ethiopia in search of hominin fossils. During the 2013 field season, she co-led an international research team with Campisano, and the years of groundwork paid off with a startling find: a 2.8-million-year-old fossilized jaw of Homo lineage. The fossil's date places it in a timeframe for which there is little physical evidence of human ancestors, making the discovery a pivotal one.

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student Spotlight

Eva Jeffers
Global Health 


Undergrad global health student Eva Jeffers is interested in a range of issues, from urban sustainability to the development of disease prevention programs. But her main concern is maternal and child health care access, primarily in Southeast Asia. As a 2015 Fulbright scholar, Jeffers will travel to India to teach English while researching local reaction to India's public health leadership.

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